Charles Uzzell Edwards a.k.a. PURE EVIL grew up in South Wales and was by his own account, the only new romantic in the village. He spent his teenage years customising his own clothes and experimenting with eyeliner. This love of urban street style led him to do fashion degree in London where he earned a bit of a reputation as a troublemaker.

During hia 10-year stay in San Francisco he became one of the designers for streetwear clothing line ‘ANARCHIC ADJUSTMENT’ and immersed himself in the music scene out there.

Upon his return to London in 2000 that he hit the ground running and after a stint working at Banksy’s SANTAS GHETTO Guerrilla retail show, he started stencilling and spraying his signature bunny tag around London.

In 2007 Charles opened Pure Evil Gallery which been an incubator for up and coming street artists from around the world as well as his own studio.

The success of his Nightmare series of dripping celebrity portraits has taken him around the world.

Chaplin 2.0
Femme Fattale
Art doesn’t prostitute itself
The Rabbi
My Name is Prince
Pobre Diabla II
Pobre Diabla
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