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Whether reinterpreting the world around me in abstract form, taking photographs of subjects that move me, or creating work big or small with the recognizable fink faces as a symbol for humanity, community and society, I hope that you enjoy joining me on the ever-evolving creative journey that is Fink 22.

I am inspired by observing all that is in the world – little snippets of textures and colours that catch your eye. Obsessing over decaying walls, textures of paint peeling away, walls crumbling, sharp angles, graffiti, tags and marks I get lost in cities such as Berlin and London as a short walk provides an influx of visual cues to relish and stir you to creation. Tags, paste-ups and graffiti come together to create a natural canvas, layered upon each other, peeled away, buffed out, faded and eroded with time.

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About Us

We are specialists in marketing, advertising, and promoting international artists within the street art market.

We cover every aspect of the street art market including hosting, curating and marketing events, advertising, interactive live art installations with talent such as Pure Evil, and private/corporate art installations.

We have worked with leading brands such as Rove Hotel and World Art Dubai, since then we have partnered with World Trade Centre as an official curator of Urban Art DXB.

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